Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speaking at PythonBrasil[7]

Next weekend I’ll be talking about scaling Django applications at Python Brasil, the brazilian Python conference. It will be my first time at the conference, which is one of the greatest Python conferences in Latin America.

Some international dudes are also attending to the conference: Wesley Chun is going to talk about Python 3 and Google App Engine; Alan Runyan will talk about free and open source software, and Steve Holden will be talking about the issues involved in trying to build a global Python user group.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creating HTML 5 slide presentations using landslide

Recently I found landslide, which is a Python tool for creating HTML 5 slide presentations.

It’s based in a famous slide presentation. It’s a simple script that generates HTML from a source file, which can be formatted using reStructuredText, Textile or Markdown.

Let’s make a very simple presentation as a proof of concept: we’re going to create a “Python flow control” presentation, showing some basic structures of the language: if, for and while. We need a cover, a slide for each structure (with some topics and code examples) and the last slide for questions and answers. Here is the RST code for it: